Building and Testing

Before you proceed, please make sure that you have the following dependencies available in your machine:

Run linter

Here we use golangci-lint configured in .golangci.yml for static analysis, so please make sure that you have it installed.

To run linter, simply execute:

make lint

Run unittests

Running unittests does not require any k8s cluster, and it can be done by

make test

Build binary

make build

Run e2e tests

Running end-to-end tests requires you to have a valid k8s context. Please note that e2e will use your default kubeconfig and default context.

In order to run e2e tests, execute:

make e2e-test

Build auto-generated docs

make doc-gen

Add license headers

We require every source code to have the specified license header. Adding the header can be done by

make license