Install Istio in EKS with add-on

AWS and Tetrate have brought ability to deploy Istio to EKS cluster with minimal number of steps. TID EKS add-on deployment can be done via AWS Web console or AWS CLI. Below are both approaches are described.

Installing TID addon via AWS Web Console

  • Proceed to EKS section of AWS Web Console and locate your cluster: Alt text
  • Select Add-ons tab and select Get more add-ons Alt text
  • Scroll down to AWS Marketplace add-ons section of add-ons
    • type Tetrate in the search bar
    • select checkmark in the right top corner and click Next Alt text
  • on the next screen confirm the TID version and click Next Alt text
  • Review and add screen to make sure the selection is correct Alt text
  • You’re taken back to the cluster add-on tab and can see that the add-on is being created Alt text
  • After waiting for 90 seconds and UI refresh you can see that the add-on is deployed successfully Alt text

Installing TID addon via the command line

  • Check that add-on is available (the AWS Marketplace subscription is required before for TID addon to be deployed in AWS account)

    aws eks describe-addon-versions --addon-name tetrate-io_istio-distro 
  • Deploy TID add-on to the cluster in AWS EKS

    aws eks create-addon --addon-name tetrate-io_istio-distro --cluster-name <CLUSTER_NAME>
  • The installation will take around 2 minutes. To get the current state use the following command.

    aws eks describe-addon --addon-name tetrate-io_istio-distro --cluster-name <CLUSTER_NAME>

When the add-on is in Active state - you can proceed with deploying applications in Istio-enabled EKS cluster.