Tetrate Istio Distro (TID)

TID is the easiest and fastest way to get started with open source Istio.
  • 100% Upstream Istio
  • FIPS - compliant
  • Available as an Amazon EKS add on

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Tetrate Istio Distro (TID)
Safe, Simple Enterprise-Grade Istio

Safe, Simple Enterprise-Grade Istio

TID is Tetrate’s hardened, fully upstream Istio distribution, with FIPS-verified builds and support available.
It’s an ideal starting point for your service mesh journey, supported by the creators of the open source Istio project.

Why Tetrate Istio Distro?

Security Simplified

TID helps you embrace a zero trust security model by giving you the tools to automatically and declaratively secure your services and their communication. You can manage authentication, authorization and encryption between services, with little or no changes to the application themselves.

Traffic Management

With TID, you can control traffic flows and API calls between services while also gaining visibility into your traffic. This makes calls more reliable and your network more robust, even in adverse conditions.

Understand Your Apps

TID’s robust tracing, monitoring and logging features give you deep insights into how your services are performing, how that performance affects other processes and any issues that might exist.

Robust Policy Enforcements

Apply organizational policies to service interactions, ensuring the enforcement of access policies and equitable resource distribution among consumers.

TID Quick Start

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Getting Help

If you need help using or running TID, please ask a question on Slack

If you want enterprise grade support, extended CVE fixes or a FIPS-verified version, visit Tetrate Istio Subscription

TID Adopters

Istio is a CNCF graduated project

Istio is a CNCF graduated project

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